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Detroit Limousine is a party transportation company that features both royal oak limousine and party buses for your enjoyment on the Royal Oak and Detroit roads. Our enormous fleet of party vehicles rivals any other company in the state, and we are known for being the very best when it comes to weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and other one-in-a-lifetime special occasions when you really can't take a chance on anything but absolute top-of-the-line service. Our crew is the most experienced in the midwest, and you can be sure that when you're heading out to the hot party spots that Royal Oak has to offer, Royal Oak Limos is the best in the world to get you there.

Some of the nightspots that our customers request most often in this area include Gusoline Alley, Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle, Vinotecca, Drag Queen Bingo at Five15, Royal Oak Music Theater, Town Tavern, Goodnite Gracie's, Tom's Oyster Bar, Red Fox English Pub, and The Rock on 3rd. Those are just the top ten... as you well know, Royal Oak is simply packed with great places to spend the day or an evening, rocking and rolling with your very best friends in the world, singing your favorite songs, dancing late into the night, or enjoying all the greatest food that this well-known city has to offer! We hope you'll allow Royal Oak Limousine to show you the town!

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Realize that the type of event you're traveling to will have an effect on the other choices you make.

If it's a wedding that you're planning the travel for, you'll want to choose one of our most elegant looking limousines or limo buses. If it's a bachelorette party, you may want to opt for our wildest and brightest bus, the hot pink party bus that all the ladies love so much!

Get some information together before you call.

The information that we typically ask you for is the number of guests you will be bringing with you, the number of hours you anticipate needing our services, and the destinations that you plan to visit while you are with us.

Take a look at the vehicle types that we offer and decide what you like best.

At the end of the day, the type of event is irrelevant. What matters most is what YOU prefer, and what features excite you the most! If you love our largest bus the best, with the five flat screen TVs and the multiple built-in bars plus private VIP area, then why settle for less?

Figure out your budget.

For some rare customers, the sky is the limit. If you don't find yourself in that category right now due to the economy, don't be ashamed to talk to us about it! Most of our customers are in the same boat, and are very interested in saving money when they travel with us. Even some of our richest customers are also our most frugal ones! We can help you figure out ways to save money, including letting you know the cheapest days and times to rent a bus, as well as talking about the option of opting for pickup/drop off service only. Don't fall into the trap of believing that there are no further pricing options for a limited budget. Your trip does not need to be limited just because your funds are!

Put your own safety first and do some double-checking.

We can assure you that we have all the permits, licenses, and insurance as required by the state of Michigan, and we will provide that documentation to you right away via email or fax whenever you want. If you are considering other limousine companies and they are hesitant to provide you with that information, that's a huge red flag. Make sure that you are protected!

Ask about special packages and get ALL pricing information!

Many companies offer special travel packages for weddings and other events (we certainly do!), but something that other companies tend to offer without publicizing too much is a whole lot of hidden fees. It's true. We'll never do that to you. We have very few additional fees, and those only come into play if you decide to travel too far out of our service area and things of that nature, all of which would be discussed beforehand and not tacked onto the bill without you realizing it. Be careful with those other companies out there! We have heard plenty of horror stories from our customers, and many of them have become loyal to us because of our dedication to never do that!

Plan ahead for a night of fun!

You'll want to make sure that you bring everything with you that you need, including a bunch of your favorite CDs and/or your iPod so you can hook it up and enjoy our hi-def music experience on the limos and party buses! You'll also want to decide what kinds of drinks you want to stock our bars with, and what other goodies you might like to bring along with you for a memorable night. You can give us a call anytime to request a quote and we will be happy to help you in this planning process, since we have so much experience with it!

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