ROYAL OAK LIMOUSINE // A Few Questions from Our New Customers

Here are some of the questions that we receive most often from our customers, both via phone and email.

If you want to view a list of some of the ones that we have most frequently encountered in our several years of business, you can click right here to see our events page. But be aware that those are just some of the frequent ones. There are virtually no events that we cannot provide transportation for, so just give us a call if you have any concerns about the one that you are in the process of planning.
In general the first things we need to know are when you need our services, how many people will be traveling with you, and what destinations you will be going to during your trip. If you plan to book your limo or bus immediately, you should also have your credit card handy for the deposit which secures your bus for the dates that you desire. We suggest calling at least two weeks prior to an event.
Of course you may! We would never expect you to rent one of our limos or buses without making sure that they are up to your stringent quality requirements. However, we also understand that many of our customers are in a hurry and they'd rather view the buses online, so we provide a vehicles page right here with most of the details and photos that you need.
You can view all of our pricing information right here, or you can call us for further details and to discuss other ways to save money.
We put our customer's safety first before anything else, so we have gone to great lengths to insure our limos and buses to the highest levels possible. We keep all of our documentation current and readily available to share with our customers and potential customers, and if you would like to see those documents you can request them via email or fax and we'll get that sent over to you right away.
So long as everyone riding along with you are 21 years of age or older, then you are more than welcome to drink as much alcohol on our vehicles as you and your guests wish.
In order to keep our prices as affordable as possible, we do not provide alcohol to our clients. But, so long as everyone is 21 years old or older, feel free to bring as much alcohol as you deem necessary.
Unfortunately we do not allow smoking on any of our vehicles. However, if you or any of your guests needs to smoke, simply let your driver know when you're all ready for a smoke break, and he or she will be more than happy to find a suitable location to stop and allow you to smoke out of the vehicle.
Our vehicles do not have any restrooms on board. However, if you need a restroom stop, let your driver know and they'll find you one!

Further questions? Contact us here.

Some Events We Service: