ROYAL OAK LIMOUSINE // Just a Few Tips for a Seamless Wedding Day

Wedding days are the biggest days of many peoples' lives. You'll find that they are not only a fun way to celebrate the love between two people, but they're also very hard to plan for. Royal Oak Limousine is happy to help you with the planning process. We have asked some of the best wedding professionals in the area about their wedding experiences and their recommended tips for ensuring a seamless wedding day, and we are bringing those tips to you.

Of course, you'll want to start off with choosing the day that you want to hold your wedding on. This is one of the most crucial steps to planning your wedding. Don't take too long to choose a date, and start planning as soon as you can for this date, as the time will pass by quicker than you realize. Most wedding professionals recommend at least a full year to plan your wedding, with many hinting at the best wedding having been planned out for two years in advance.

Once you have your date picked out, that's when you are able to start choosing the vendors and locations for your wedding. We highly recommend choosing the perfect venue for your wedding first and foremost. Everything will happen at this venue, or, if you want your ceremony and reception in different locations, then choose accordingly. Be sure when choosing multiple locations, that they are near enough to each other that your guests won't feel like they have to travel far to each destination. (Or, set up shuttle runs with your favorite limo company for your guests to not worry about such hassles!)

After you have chosen your perfect venue(s), next we recommend sorting out your transportation. Your wedding day will be busy of hussle and bustle, and you won't want to be late to your own wedding. This is where we come in. We will ensure that you are right on time to your wedding and reception, and anything that happens before or after these two main events. We are used to bringing Brides and Grooms from their dressing locations to the ceremony location. We're used to driving from the ceremony to parks and downtown areas for photographs. And we're also used to driving people to and from receptions. This is our area of expertise and you will find that this transportation will take a lot of stress off of your mind for the big day.

Another major part of your wedding day, is finding the perfect photographer. If you're worried about costs, then cut back in some of the other areas in your wedding. Use fake flowers instead of real ones. Go with the plain napkins at the venue instead of customized ones. The photographs are really what lasts after your wedding is finished, and you will not want to skimp here. To ensure that you have the best photos for your big day, research wedding photographers, and look closely at their work. Make sure it is the same style you have in your mind for your big day.

After you have all of the important vendors set up, that's when you are able to send out your invitations, choose your dress and tuxes, and other smaller tasks that are involved in the wedding planning process. If you follow our advice, you will have your wedding planned in no time, and you can just sit back and relax until the day of your wedding. Once your wedding is over, you'll find that you had an amazing time, and that your wedding went smoothly.

If you have any questions pertaining to wedding planning, or if you are looking for the perfect transportation company to help service your wedding, then definitely call Royal Oak Limousine at 248-206-3531 or email us at and we will assist in ensuring your wedding day is simply the best!

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